Dog Suicide Bridge

Black Dog Leaping off Overtoun Bridge
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No one knows exactly when or why dogs began to leap from Overtoun Bridge Scotland. Studies indicate that the deaths began during the late 1950s or early 1960s, with an average rate of one dog per month. For reasons that no one understands or can explain, hundreds and hundreds of dogs have killed themselves from the same historic bridge.  During one six-month period last year, five dogs jumped to their deaths. All of the deaths have occurred at virtually the same spot, between the final two parapets on the right-hand side of the bridge, and almost all have been on clear, sunny days. The dogs which have perished have all-been long-nosed breeds: labradors, collies and retrievers.

Dorren Graham, of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals calls the phenomenon a 'heartbreaking mystery'. 'There are lots of owners whose dogs have died and who are trying to find out why they jumped.'

Built in 1895 by Calvinist Lord Overtoun, the ornate Victorian structure arches 50ft over Overtoun Burn, the stream which runs below. Now, thanks to stories posted on the internet, dog lovers from around the world are asking: could dogs be deliberately committing suicide on this particular bridge, and if so, why?

In an attempt to solve a problem which has left many local dog owners so concerned, they will no longer walk their pets on the doomed bridge, a host of specialists converged on the west Scotland town earlier this year to investigate - and finally solve the mystery. Rumours have long circulated that the bridge and nearby Overtoun House are haunted. In Celtic mythology, Overtoun is known as 'the thin place' - an area in which heaven and earth are reputed to be close. Certainly dogs have been shown in the past to be more sensitive than humans.

Were they 'spooked' by some supernatural or external force emanating from the bridge, and deliberately leaping to their deaths? Psychic Mary Armour took her own labrador for a walk along the bridge to test the theory. However, she reported no unusual sensations. 'Animals are hyper-sensitive to the spirit world, but I didn't feel any adverse energy.' In fact, Mary said she experienced a feeling of 'pure calmness and serenity' but admitted that her dog did pull her towards the right-hand side of the structure.

Perhaps the dogs jumped to their deaths because they picked up on some human cues. Dumbarton, near to where the bridge is situated, is a site of economic decline and regularly voted one of the most depressing places in Britain to live. Suicide among the adult population has risen 200 per cent in the past three years However, none of the owners whose dogs jumped from Overtoun Bridge reported any suicidal feelings and after careful analysis, Kendal Shepherd concluded: 'Human suicide is usually precipitated by a feeling that tomorrow will not be any better than today. But there is no evidence to suggest dogs have a sense of now and tomorrow.'

So if the dog deaths cannot be attributed to suicide, what is causing them?

In a final bid to solve the mystery, canine psychologist Dr David Sands was dispatched to Dumbarton to try to view the bridge - and the sensation of crossing it - from an animal's point of view. His first experiment was to recross the bridge with the only dog known to have survived the fall, to see how she reacted. When he took 19-year-old Hendrix to the scene of her near-death experience, the dog walked happily across the bridge until towards the end on the right-hand side she suddenly tensed. Because of her advanced age, Hendrix did not have the strength to jump, but something had clearly caught her attention, and Dr Sands concluded one of her three primary senses - sight, sound or smell - must have been so stimulated that she experienced an overwhelming urge to investigate. Sight was quickly eliminated, as from a dog's eye view the only thing visible on the bridge is uninterrupted-granite.

To establish if either sound or smell was the culprit, specialists from a Glasgow acoustics company and the RSPB's David Sexton, an animal habitat expert, visited the spot. Locals thought the nearby nuclear base at Faslane might be emitting some sound audible only to dogs, and there was also the possibility that nearby telephone pylons or the bridge structure itself might give off a sound only animals could hear. However, after monitoring sound levels across the bridge, acoustic experts found nothing untoward that might explain the dog deaths.

Sexton, on the other hand, who laid bait in the undergrowth beneath the bridge, soon discovered that mice and mink resided there, while evidence of squirrel nests was also found in cannons embedded in the bridge's structure. In order to narrow down which smell might be attracting the dogs, he distributed odour from all three species in a field and unleashed ten dogs - of the varieties which have died at the bridge - to see which one most interested them. His findings were remarkable. Of the ten dogs tested, only two showed no interest in any of the scents while the overwhelming majority - 70 per cent - made straight for the mink. It would also explain why the deaths have all occurred on sunny, dry days - relatively rare on the notoriously wet west coast - when the mink smell has not been diluted by the damp weather. Why are dogs in pursuit of them only jumping to their death from this particular bridge? According to Dr Sands: 'When you get down to a dog's level, the solid granite of the bridge's 18-inch thick walls obscures their vision and blocks out all sound. As a result, the one sense not obscured, that of smell, goes into overdrive.' Yet why are all the deaths centered around the final two parapets on the right-hand side?

 In 2006 paranormal investigators were called in to investigate the continuing problem. There were several correlations in what people felt. Three people felt anxious, depressed and disorientated and four felt negative feelings.
    • "There were definite themes of children and several mentioned a Victorian woman in a grey shawl at the far end of the bridge.
    •  I felt lots of children grabbing my legs as I walked across and I felt drawn to the right-hand side. I felt very sick and uncomfortable at certain parts and sometimes it was as though I was sinking through the bridge.
    • I got a sense of children being around and a negative feeling at one end of the bridge. You could analyse why the dogs are jumping till the cows come home, I honestly don't know why they do it.
    • I got the feeling of a man who was possibly a minister. He kept saying he didn't understand evolution, I can't assimilate what I know as Christian with Darwin.
    • I thought maybe a workman had fallen off the bridge to his death and his ghost was down in the gully calling the dogs. I felt lots of children grabbing my legs as I walked across and I felt drawn to the right-hand side. I felt very sick and uncomfortable at certain parts and sometimes it was as though I was sinking through the bridge.
    • I got a sense of children being around and a negative feeling at one end of the bridge. You could analyse why the dogs are jumping till the cows come home, I honestly don't know why they do it."
    According to Amanda De Warren – Medium, Healer & Animal Communicator: “There is energy around this bridge that dogs can sense and we can't. The dogs that have jumped in the past have told me that it’s like a connection that they cannot resist even though they don't quite understand why they feel the urge to jump but know it will probably be the last thing that they do on this earth. None of these dogs had any reason to want to end their lives but feel is it like a portal to another world that they can see and feel and want to be as part of it once again.” 

    Dog owners should keep their dogs on a leash when going across Overtoun Bridge. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Lost Flight MH370

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    The Lost Flight MH370 is bringing forth astonishing information from a variety of sources. From the ordinary to the outlandish here are some of the insights. 

    Could you please do a reading on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that is reported to have crashed in the South China Sea on 8 March 2014?

    Psychic Focus - Is a thoroughly respectable and highly accurate seer who says that we will find pieces of the wreckage but the mystery will be around for a long time. She says that everyone survived the crash and provides descriptions of some of the passengers and how they are handling their current predicament.

    "I see that there is a huge electrical disturbance. What looks like a clear day turns into this dark, gloomy surrounding. It looks like heat lightening and flashes surround the plane. I also see what looks like discharges of static electricity coming off the plane. The flight attendants are trying to stand, and people are trying to stand and grab something above their heads? It is chaotic and a lot of turbulence. Oxygen masks then start to fall. Then there is this loud thundering sound that is so deafening that people are grabbing the sides of their head. I feel the pain in my ear, like it is loud and so much pressure!

    Then all of a sudden there is this silence. It is so quiet and calm. No one is talking, there is no noise. It is the ultimate peaceful feeling. I don't even hear the noise of the plane- as if the engine isn't even running. It feels like the plane is gliding, there is no turbulence. Like it is floating so peacefully through the air. 

    I can't help but feel like this plane went into a different layer or dimension of our current existence. I just see what looks like an electric storm and the sky immediately surrounding the plane has this plasma look to it. When you stare at a hot road it gives the appearance of blurry vision in the space directly above it, well the sky looks like that around the plane. The next thing I see is that the plane is gone. I realize this is a very alternative concept, but I just report what I see. I see the jungle, and what I notice most are the leaves. The passengers are looking at the vegetation is complete amazement, but not in complete horror, but rather amazement. They are gigantic. The climate feels warm and humid, but rather comfortable. I also have the images of the plane on a beachy coast as if it coasted to a graceful landing. I can't get the images of show Lost out of my mind, as if the fundamental situation may be similar... I see this as some electrical / magnetic situation. I can't visualize an explosion at this time. 

    They were flying normal, and it got very dark out. Like they were being surrounded by something that looked like smog. Then I saw what looked like a lightning storm. Lighting was hitting the plane and electric sparks were coming from the plane. The ride got rough and it was complete chaos. Then this loud rumbling started, and at that time people started covering their ears. Once the rumbling stopped, there was an eerie calm over everyone. It was incredibly silent. 

    Pilots: I do get there were some unbalanced energy with at least one of them BUT I also get that when the plane entered the strange electric storm, they panicked. They maintained control, but on the inside they felt fear. I don’t see foul play from my perspective. I see an instinct of survival come over them. 

    It is warm. Looks like an island. The plane coasted into a sandy beach. There is what looks like a tropical jungle about 100 yards off the coastline. The leaves on the plants are enormous- reminds of something I would have seen on Jurassic Park. The temperature is warm, I see people in short sleeves and still sweating. They were able to make fire and are keeping a fire on the beach as some kind of signal. Looks incredibly remote. I see no other people on the island. I can see some mountains in the central part of the island and at a distance look like they may have snow on the very top. They don't realize how lost they are. They want to come back. They are more anxious than scared. I cannot see them being located. I feel like bits of the plane broke off during the turbulence/electrical storm and that will be found, but for the most part the plane is intact. 

    I do not see this as intentional or a government plan. I see this more as a phenomenon or rare, unusual event. They were at the wrong place at the right time and right conditions. I see this as being unexplained for a long time. 

    Also regarding where they are. This is a concept that is somewhat hard to understand, but we are taught that time is linear. We are also taught that there is a start and stop point and things progress forward along a line. I too see time as linear, but I don't think we are restricted to always moving forward. I see we jump ahead and backwards. We don't always remember where we have been. Your subconscious knows and that is why we may feel that we have been somewhere or recognize someone and don't remember. Having said that, I see that they had a "time slip" into the past. I have had many images of Gilligan's Island pop up in typing this, so I think that is also noteworthy. I still see them on an island with a jungle inland. They are alive... 

    I also keep seeing tiny islands on a map to the east of Malaysia. I feel the plane was directed more toward that area. The only way back is the way they went, and I can't see that. I see them being on Earth, but in the past, like an alternate reality (I just report what I see). 

    If you had someone that was 70 years old on the flight, and they slipped back let’s say 50 years. They would still be 70 years old, but just living in a different time. I see that if we could locate this tribe that I see on this “jungle island with a large snow-capped mountain in the middle” we could get real answers. 

    I would also like to explore the area of Palau Palau more. The term or sound Cocos (Kokos) is relevant to this search. The more I focus on this the more connected I am to this area.

    As a whole, people look to be ok.. There are some injuries. I see one person specifically with some pretty big cuts on their leg and limping, but there is some kind of huge leaves wrapped around it. I am not viewing any deaths, just injuries at this point. If there were deaths, they are out of my view. 

    I also see some kind of tribal people. I get the impression that they will eventually meet them, but I don't feel hostility. I see them looking at the survivors strangely like they don't understand the aircraft that brought them, and the clothing is very perplexing to them. The tribal people are more afraid of them than anything... This looks like a glimpse as to how they merge into a society....I see the area in question to the southwest of what is shown on the map as the search area. They were much more off the path that they are broadcasting. 

    Many of them asked how to come back. I cannot get a visual on that. I see them as ok, some injuries, but for the most part ok. I also get an impression that mentally something happened as they disappeared, because they "feel" accepting of their situation. 

    We will continue to look, and even when it is out of mass media, government will be so intrigued that they will continue to search for this. I also see some kind of a distraction coming up that will take over the media as a way to get this off the news. Government doesn't like dealing with all the questions (I see it makes them squirm). It is as if they have similar theories as this reading, but don't know how to explain it or what to do just yet when addressing the mass population. 

    The passengers appear to be what I would call just "ok". I see huge fire on the beachy area trying to create a smoke screen. They look dirty, but appear to have water (I see sandy jugs sitting around.) It looks like after you get within the jungle part of the island there is a stream with clean water they are able to drink from and they send teams to go retrieve it. They look very tired too sleep is the issue... Also, some of them are just angry. They are so mad they haven't been found. Others in a way accept it, and have had a peacefulness come over them. 

    They are so confused as to how to describe what happened. They don’t fully understand where they are in relationship to time because they are on a scarcely inhabited island, but they think they just landed there. They remember the electrical storm, but after that it was just strangely quiet. The passengers that seem are mentally strong, feel fine, and they are trying to tell the ones that are mentally catching up (they are confused and don’t know why, and feel something happened but don’t know what) that they are in some kind of shock.

    Is there any information you can provide from the list of passengers so that their relatives will know for sure you are seeing them for real? 

    I haven't looked at the list because I don't want it to affect my impressions, but I will try to get some descriptions... let me take a moment.. . Ok I had some random people come into my mind. 
    1. There was a business man, looks to be in his late 20s, and was traveling wearing a suit. When the plane landed he morphed into a leader. He took off his shirt, and is just wearing a white t-shirt with his dress pants, he found a bandanna and twisted it up and is wearing it as a headband. The distinguishing feature of him is he has a golden chain around his neck with a very unique charm. He never takes it off. (If feels like a gift and a link to someone close to him here) He also has a scar on his cheek and I want to say it is acne related. He has a lot of survival instincts- as if in his personal life this person practiced or studied how to survive... 
    2. There is a guy, also in his 20s that he emerged to be "2nd in command".. What I see with him is a tattoo on his arm that looks like an upside down triangle (I felt like it had a Superman quality about it). 
    3. There is a woman that looks to be late 20s early 30s and there is something about her with her purse. It is like she is guarding something in her purse (food, candy, mints??). The purse had really huge metal buckles and an "expensive" feel to it. Wherever she goes, she takes this purse. I even see her walking to the edge of the jungle to use the latrine and she keeps this purse on her shoulder the whole time. 
    4. I see a lady who has really nervous hands. Like she is "ringing" or moving her hands all the time. I get an image of knitting or crocheting (I can't tell if she is knitting there, or this is something she does at home) but as she is doing this activity, her eyes feel rather large. She is paying attention to everything being said and everything being done. I get an intuitive sense with her (card reader?). 
    5. I got an image of an Asian man that was trying to convey a message to me in a language that I couldn’t understand. He seemed frustrated that he couldn’t “talk” to me, and then he held up his hands and showed me 2 fingers, 3 fingers and 7 fingers. Does anyone know what 2-3-7 means? I couldn't get a clearer message on that. One distinguishing thing I saw was that the gentleman trying to communicate with me had a pinky finger that was either broken, dislocated or possible deformed. It appeared to be bent oddly at the first joint, didn’t seemed painful, and looked healed over, but something noticeable. 
    6. Jee Jing Hang: I get he was there working a new business deal (I see him shaking hands with another man). I also see him looking at a laptop (as if to say I could do this online, but it isn’t right, he wanted to be in person.). He was excited about the project (business deal) , but not the trip. I get he didn’t like traveling (motion sick, nervous?) I also get the impression that he wanted to surprise someone with this deal he was working out. I ask myself what this deal was- The first thing I hear is that it is confidential (as if it is confidential until it is settled). I also get that is has to do with real estate- and the business has to be at a specific location (and expand, grow from there). He looked to be practicing or rehearsing what he need to say during his business presentation, as if in his head he was prepping himself (I see this chanting in his mind) right up until the plane ran into trouble. 
    7. Fariq Abdul Hamid, one of the pilots. The first thing I see Is that he is in the cockpit, they hit some turbulence.. He is holding on tightly to the controls as if they had to turn off or assist the auto steering to manage though this rough patch in the air. Then I see him with this very strange look on his face as if something took the plane over. I saw him lift his hands into the air, and actually say something to someone else, like “look at this.” The plane looked as if it was steering itself, and the odd part of the image is that it steered with grace- it wasn’t erratic, fluctuating up and down, it was very smooth as if it was coasting. It was so silent during this too- like you go through this loud turbulence and it is followed by this zen like silence. I get an image of a kid flying a remote controlled airplane, as if the plane itself went through the air with that kind of ease. The most vivid thing I get when focusing on this gentlemen was the plane ride- I can’t get much after that.
    8. Mary Burrows. I see her more as she is now. Very distraught and worried. She goes in and out of the “numb” state of mind and during her clear times it seems filled with worry. She is a pacer, walks around, but I get the impression of a slight limp. I am trying to focus on food, and one thing I she is that she dislikes it, but when you are hungry you will eat most anything. I get a sense of a strict diet, or things she stays away from (vegetarian??) and she is eating things not typical for her. I see a smaller animal being roasted on a fire as I type this. They often chew on these sweet leaves that have a sugary taste on the inside- I see they chew these as people here chew gum. They look to be habitually addicted to chewing these leaves. Natural food- Berries are the thing I see them gather. They are brown and red, and there is also a fruit that grows on trees that has a brown furry outside, about the size of a golf ball (relative to seeing it in someone’s hand) and they eat the insides.
    9. JU Kan, from China, age 32. The first thing I see is this man and he is excited and trying to talk fast, so fast he is at a stutter. He has so much to say, but he can’t get it out. I feel like he super hyper… The words he is trying to say sounds like (phonetically in English) “Jute, Jute, Jute, How (long and drawn out). We, Hawl.” (I need help because I do not speak this language- just trying to get anything.) He also keeps bowing his head up and down really fast.. He is very anxious, or hyper and although physically seems healthy, he is very stimulated. That is really all I get for him, and that image just keeps playing in a loop as if it was a movie being repeated.
    Are you able to get a focus on Paul Weeks, the New Zealand father on board? He was living in Perth Western Australia with his wife and two small children. He gave her his wedding ring to keep before he flew out to start a new job. "If something should happen to me then the wedding ring should go to the first son that gets married and then the watch to the second". 
    Paul Weeks: I did work on tuning into him. The first thing I noticed was my ear hurt, like something in my eardrum was injured. I also get this ringing in my head. What I most related to was watching a movie in which someone had a flash bomb go off and there is this silent ringing/muffled sound effect going on. I looks like something is going on with the hearing in one of his ears. I also got this image of a leather briefcase. I actually got an angry feeling toward this case (or what it represented- like he felt like he wouldn’t be in this situation if it were for this “brief case”). Again, I was unclear if this is symbolic or actual, but he felt to guard this case, but had some mental dilemma as to why he was caring so much for it because it felt as though it meant nothing where he was now. I see him walking around this jungle area, banging it around, and using it as a seat. There is so much anger directed toward that! I just see him banging around, hitting it on stuff, and it is so tattered. At the same time, he drags it everyone and won’t let it go. When I focus on the anger what’s in it and the anger, I see graph paper and then graphs, like a presentation. I also see what looks like blueprints to something. Then I get this anger again- It is coming through that he feels like he is where he is because of what is in the briefcase or what it symbolizes. I also keep hearing, “They did this to me, it’s their fault.” I tried to focus on positive energy with him. I feel like the anger and frustration he is feeling is blocking me from communication. I can “see” images, but I can’t get a mental connection to convey messages. He looks to be very emotional now. I see him very sad, and then in the next instant he is kicking his briefcase. I even see briefly that he took out some of the papers in his briefcase and burned them and then said “Here, you want them, you got them. Here you go.” And threw them in the fire. Very angry- I feel like we need to send positive energy to him. 
    Follow-Up 16/4/14
    "I spent some time today focusing on Paul Weeks- opening myself up to get any information I could, and here is what I got. In initially connecting with him I get a sense of sleep deprivation. He is sleeping, but not great, and hasn’t had much of it. He is still persevering and focused- he wants to get back home. Many of the people around him have sort of given up, or lost their drive, but he has a certain determination about him. I see that he carries a picture of his family, and when he is feeling at a low, defeated point, he uses the energy of his family to keep going. (The picture looks to be of him, his wife, and a blonde haired, large dog- this could be a literal representation of his family or symbolic in some way.??) The odd thing of the picture is that it isn’t in his wallet, he looks to keep it folded in his sock- There feels like something strange about his wallet but that didn’t come through. I’m asking him for clues- I see what looks like a make shift sundial made of rocks, and I am telling him I need more.. He says something about either “3” or “30”- I feel more pulled to the 30 (location?), and I still keep prying. Then he makes a comment about wishing he had a sextant, and I ask what he sees. I feel like he wants to show me a constellation, have some sense he is pointing to Orion’s belt in the sky (I know very little about astrology, but I see three starts all in alignment and I feel like it is straight above my head). I also ask what he remembers about the flight- direction, etc..He tells me when they were “taken” it felt dark, and then he had of sense of abrupt turning (they didn’t land strait in line with the direction they were going). He remembers something about seeing what in his terms looked like the Alps (even though it may not be the Alps, these mountains had a similar 'feel'). He also remembers feeling this complete disorientation as if he was sleep walking while all this happened maybe it was shock or something else, but he says it felt like time moved slower and he was in a dream…He also said something about this place where there is “ like nothing he has ever seen”..?. I then tried to ask about him personally, he was so angry and how is he doing - He clarified it much better- He had a message that he was more angry with himself- He is very scientific, doesn’t believe a lot in what can’t be proven (ie psychic ability is something he doesn’t know how he feels about). He had intuition that something with this flight was not right- he knew it, and didn’t listen to himself and what his gut was telling him. He feels so angry about that! He is also angry that he feels like he abandoned his family, and he is worried about them far more than he is worried about himself."
    I do absolutely feel there is a tribe on the island, and I see them giving assistance to the missing people after a certain amount of time studying them and making sure they are not a threat. I also keep seeing tiny islands on a map to the east of Malaysia. I feel the plane was directed more toward that area. 

    I was then shown that the Indian tribe that inhabited the island finally “trusted” them enough to come to their aid. I see them being led in a single file line back to the village near the center of the island (and also near the foot of the mountain). I did see white paint on the Indian’s face, and it looked like the different markings distinguished who was in charge. Back to the walking single file.. They had to walk in a single file because there were certain plants (reminds me of a huge Adams Needle plant) that have a sharp pointy end that if it scratched you burned and itched. They had to be cautious walking the path. I don’t sense fear or danger. I believe this tribe is trying to help. 

    The media is wanting closure to this story. In some of the comments I didn’t feel the news of finding wreckage was real. I believe that they are telling people it is real to “tie up” the story, but I don’t see evidence that is very compelling that the plane or any wreckage was found. My mind went to a scene in the movie Room 237 (that I described accidentally finding in the previous thread) where military scenes were shot in a studio set and televised as being real (military things did happen, but not the way they were always televised). I just see that we can’t fully believe what we are shown, and trust in yourself to know what is the truth. 

    Yesterday I also had an image.. New debris that they find will be broadcasted as part of the plane (I get the media is wanting this unsolved story off the news). In reality they need to be looking for aged debris. When they time slipped (and when I focus on what time- I see 1950s style clothing) and landed, pieces of the plane broke (the plane was mainly intact). They need to look for current looking plane parts that appear to have aged for many years.."

    I don't think either that the pieces they are about to find in the South Indian ocean will belong to the 370 flight. I got the feeling that some of the plane parts will be discovered near by Madagascar and South Africa. Nets from fishermen will be involved in the discovery. Looking at a map, I got attracted by the Tromelin Island, nearby Madagascar.

    I saw a light, white sky, with a pale sun, and therefore thought that the landing happened in aurora. No red sky... An island is involved. The island was ahead of the plane, on its left side. 

    I got the number 6 in mind. Have a feeling of 5 men and 1 women closely involved in the missing of the plane.

    I was finally able to locate Pulau-Pulau Kokos Indonesia on Google Earth. I did get a connection to this.. I can’t help but feel that the word Cocos came to me in order to later discover this. This is to the west of Malaysia, just as I previously felt, and the island itself feels “right.” I still maintain some connection to the Cocos and Christmas Islands, but definitely feel this is an area worth exploring.

    I have been asked to focus on the Indian Village again. My initial feelings are that it is “ok” but kind of quiet. Meaning people are into what they are doing, and for as many people that are there, it sounds quiet. I also see that the passengers are helping the Indians. At first they were guests, but now they are contributing. I see men worked to help clear more trees and the women are mashing something in a bowl to make dried crumbs (looks like something they eat.) I also see some men trying to communicate with the Indians by using a lot of hand gestures, but it almost looks like the passengers don’t know how to even describe how they got to where they are.. There is a lot of mental confusion as if they are waking up and trying to understand what is happening.

    The next thing I got is that there are passengers (let’s say it was a time slip and they are 50 years in the past) that adopt the Indian lifestyle and grow up into that culture. If we found them today, they would be older, have children, and those children would hear this story as if it happened in the past. I realize this is a difficult concept, but I feel like if we could communicate to an Indian tribe on one of these islands (Cocos, Christmas or Pulau-Pulau) they could tell us what happened. I get that they even have some of the debris or even the plane poked in a cave.

    I saw where they had announced that the plane went down in the Indian Ocean with no survivors. My initial thought was, Who is saying that? It just felt like someone’s theory. It felt like a made up story. I looked online at some of the sources, and realized it was the actual news people were given.

    I had said that they would find debris and label it as belonging to this flight (and it isn't). I had also said that they would end this soon because the media wants it off the news. I just ask that people not give up using some energy on this, as I feel if we keep our minds open to communication flowing with our higher selves, we may still be able to see this tragedy through with a different ending."

    Follow-up 16/4/14
    "I do not think the plane is in the ocean within this triangle. I see it on an island. In my mind I feel like I have narrowed this event down to the energy I feel in the triangle area I later learned was called the Wharton Basin, significance surrounding the word Cocos, ET involvement and there are some officials on Diego Garcia that know what happened and are watching people scramble around unnecessarily. I get a huge sense of unbalance leaning toward the negative in the triangle that is located between the west of Australia, Diego Garcia and the Cocos Islands. It is both a disturbing and confusing feeling. I also feel stronger than ever that ETs are somehow involved in this, almost begging for some kind of resolve but we are stubborn to negotiate]

    The unbalance of energy may not have anything to do with the missing plane, BUT the uneasy feeling seems to ‘fit’ with the plane as if there is a connection (it could be all the activity surrounding the plane happened within this triangle of space.)

    I also get that very soon an announcement will be made that wreckage will be found, and that story will be completely false."

    Psychic Focus says "I feel like what happened is so connected to events that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle that I have also attached links to past readings I have done on the topic.

    Bermuda Triangle Reading:

    Susan Duclos from Wake up America eerily predicted in a June 1913 dream that a plane would hit a cement wall and come out on the other side into clouds. That prediction is written about on Before its News and definitely worth listening to as it follows the same lines as Psychic Focus.

    According to Kathryn E. May, the plane will be used as "hostages" by Ishtar and ET's 

    Kathryn says she brings clarifying Messages from the Cosmos and from the Galactics and has been asked by Spirit to serve as the official "Voice of Mother/Father God”. In this capacity she has transcribed frequent messages which have become the journal When God Pinched My Toe. 

    This is what she says about the missing flight: 

    You may also have heard about the airliner which vanished in Malaysia. Flight 370 was just off the eastern coast over shallow water when it wavered in the air then suddenly dropped from 35,000 feet to 0 and disappeared. At the same time, radar showed a "plane" which suddenly accelerated to 4 or 5 times the speed of any other craft, hovered in one place, then suddenly vanished from the radar screen, seconds before the airliner also disappeared. 

    I am very pleased to tell you all that the passengers and crew of the airliner are safe and happy in a secret location. There were several ships in the area, and the manoeuvre was carried out effortlessly. It is very serendipitous that the airplane carried a large number of Lightworkers from many countries who are delighted and very enthusiastic about the proposal we have made to them, that they be used as "hostages" to expedite the following demands: 
    1. Their release will be contingent upon an immediate global agreement that all countries now in possession of any weapons of mass destruction relinquish them to be evaporated forthwith. 
    2. NESARA law will be presented for signature to all the world's leaders - representatives of every country on the U.N. charter - and will be immediately enacted. We anticipate that President Barack Obama will be first signatory on the document. 
    3. There will be declared a Global Celebration of Peace for every person on the planet, regardless of race, religion or nationality, to be marked by one month of singing, dancing and public performances in every village, town, and city on Earth. All expenses are to be underwritten with the funds which would have been allocated for military expenditures. 
    4. All military personnel will be paid full salary for three months after they turn in all weapons and uniforms and return to rebuild their own families and communities. After that, no expenditure by any individual or nation will be permitted for any military activity or equipment whatsoever. This will free governing bodies to use their resources for infrastructure, water and sanitary systems, sustainable agriculture, and educational and social programs to elevate the conditions for all their citizens. 
    According to Major Ed Dames’ Official RV Community Forum - Where is the Missing MH370?

    Ed has previously produced some mind boggling accuracies for the world’s future. He says: 

    “The airplane went down within an approximate 20 mile radius of N13 30' 00''/E97 30' 00''. Unlike most terrain target sites, open water does not (presently) lend itself to tighter fixes”.

    Champagne of Knowledge

    Image Credit
    About ten years ago I started to notice how the Alien started to crop up in our everyday lives. The first thing to catch my eyes all those years back was a large bill board on my way to work showing a UFO in the scene, this same advert was also shown on TV. 
    Then we have the Space Invader crispy snacks, they are still going strong. 
    Then I became aware that schools had succumbed to this secret invasion. A work colleague informed me that his daughter’s class at school had to do an Alien project. This involved drawing what they thought an Alien might look like and also making an Alien mask. 
    My son also reported that on his journey`s he noticed in our local town that the windows of a school were festooned with Alien pictures, these were facing outwards for everyone to see. I was also assured by certain people I wrote to that the same was taking place in other schools. 
    The Alien eventually found its way into young children`s story books. We used to receive small monthly book catalogue which sold books cheaply, the children`s section contained various adventures involving children as the hero`s and there was always three or four books to do with outer space and Aliens, more in some editions. 
    Now we have Alien toys of one kind or another, they can crop up anywhere even on key rings.
    But the best in your face Aliens are the now well know Argos Catalogue Aliens. To be exact they are a family, Rufus, Astrid, Mum and Dad, the advertising logo said "Just Landed". Now you can purchase those Aliens and bring them into your family circle, and while your children play with them you can all get used to the features of these Aliens and except them as normal, especially the fact that they come from another world. Is this an unacknowledged acceptance of their existence gradually creeping to the fore? Thousands upon thousands of people use Argos, talk about reaching the masses with a message! 
    We were watching a TV movie, the story was a murder mystery set in the film industry. This particular scene was set at a film studio, and the background characters walking by were, yes you have guessed it, two of what you could only term as Alien Greys, not two monkey`s, not a cowboy and an Indian, not two dancers, just two Aliens! 
    Things have certainly changed, is it by accident? Is it done on purpose? Or is it meant to go this way? Are we being directed to accept the Alien because quite soon we will meet them thus starting a new beginning? Is this to be an age of enlightenment for human kind?
    I hope so… I get this feeling we cannot go much further, everything just seems to be going in circles, human kind appears to be banging its head against a wall, waiting… waiting for the cork to pop on a champagne of knowledge that has been kept from us for a long time.
    The English Cognizant Citizen

    Predators and Prey

    Image Credit

    Everywhere I go, everywhere I walk, I cannot escape the fact that the biggest life force on this world is predator and prey.
    Where ever I look I`m constantly reminded of this deeply rooted force to survive a need to kill to eat. If you have a body it needs to be sustained. You have the spider and the fly, the bat and the moth, the bird and insect, I think you know what I am on about. I could go on and on naming hundreds of prey and predator with man being the biggest predator of all.
    We hunt and eat virtually everything even insects and other humans, I suppose you could say that it’s the way of the world, and perhaps the Universe. Life on this world seems so complete; nature in its vast variety is ticking over quite nicely. Or is it! Everything looks good, but there`s a big "but".
    My haunting thought is this, "But what preys on mankind"?
    We litter this earth in our billions and by all accounts this number is increasing, and apart from accident and natural death we appear to have no major predator that feeds on us. Animals breed, in some case`s in their thousands, this is to ensure, because of predators, that at least some survive and the species carry`s on re-producing, thus keeping the eco-system intact and supplying food for another day. It’s a bit like us really, we breed in the billions, are we keeping a predator satisfied? I would not be surprised if you laughed out loud at that comment, but if you are open minded enough you just have to ponder that question especially if you consult the "Little Green Guy Book" put out by Gordon Duff. Here you have a range of entities supposedly frequenting earth for various reasons. In this book I noted there was about fifteen alien races more than likely involved in abductions, of those I think three feed on humans, others are listed as dangerous to humans, another harvests rodents and insects by their thousands and they are nocturnal, and yet another comes to earth for reasons unknown, but they gather what they want quickly and leave, they too are nocturnal?
    Each year thousands upon thousands of people go missing, do most become food for an alien race? In the film, Signs, Aliens came to Earth to take humans for food. Through that film, is someone trying to tell us the truth, that there is a predator that keeps us in check? We cull animals, are we long overdue to be culled? Is that what animal mutilations are working up to?
    The elite are supposedly wanting to reduce the population of Earth, have they done a deal with an Alien race? A race that eats humans, a contract to cull in a big way and while this cull takes place the chosen ones will take refuge in the underground bases, is that why there was a rush to build them? The internet tells us that the national grid is to be turned off in region 3 (whatever that means) in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, for two days which are Nov 13 & 14. They appear to have a good reason but I wonder how many people will disappear on those days? It was once said if we knew the truth we would turn white overnight, maybe so, but I personally would still like to know what that truth is.
    For years I have roamed the countryside, in most cases on my own, I have also explored the Scottish wilderness, and thick woodland looking for signs of the paranormal, in some cases I have been successful but as yet I have not been abducted. But every time I go out I wonder if this will be the day that I do not return, will I be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Should abduction happen will I just be studied or will I be on the menu of an off world Gordon Ramsey?
    For the moment I will call myself "Stupid" and try to be more careful, sitting on the fence looks like a good position at the moment ( but is not that another version of being dumbed down).
    If only someone would tell us the truth.


    I`m sitting here wondering if I have been stupid, firstly right up until the 12th Nov I have been reading on various web sites about the imminent Grid shut down in the USA and all the thoughts of utter mayhem that would follow. Well today I`m reading that its a "DRILL" all of a sudden I am seeing the word "Drill" everywhere which means no actual shut down, I looked on the news yesterday for reports on what I thought would be chaos in the US, I did not find any.

    Now is this just down to fools on the internet getting everyone hyped up? If so why did the powers that be not inform the public by TV and Radio that it was just a drill and refute the web claims of a power turn off. Why did some of the better web sites not dispel the notion of power being turned of. Or did I bring this all on myself, did I see only what I wanted to see, or is it a case of "Chinese Stories", or did they want it like this? Do they, like one half of the population thinking the worst?

    I cannot help thinking that with all the fear and threats put on the internet that its done for some psychological reason, its as though we are lifted up then let down day after day. Perhaps there are government agents that saturate the internet with what Richard Hoagland calls "Fear Porn" and I like many others have been stupid and fell for it. On the other hand we have Comet Ison coming up , we have untold amounts of "Fear Porn" put out about Ison, are we supposed to say " Take no notice of the doom and gloom about Ison, nothing will happen, nothing ever happens, it will fly by." So we carry on with our daily lives, then "BANG" we are hit by hundreds of small meteors.

    Is that the idea, to keep us dumbed down till a special day arrives?
    The English Cognizant Citizen
    For Purchase

    The Devils Work

    Image Credit
    Paul Schroeder had an experience that affected him deeply. He provides insight to the reasons why he had this experience and why it is still happening to others.

    The following are direct excerpts from his writings. 
    Question: “WHERE DO YOU COME FROM?"
     Answer: "WE COME FROM WITHIN."
    They infect auras with attachments to themselves and ride the reincarnation roller coaster with people, to avoid the death that they fear and to steal the spiritual recycling that we have. After physical abductions their possessing energies are deposited within the multi layered human psyche/mind.
     Aliens like demons, garner souls and tamper with these souls' transit en route to Heaven they specialize in astral abductions and were also so interested in one's soul they "splinter" the soul and kindle new flames from those sparks to create new souls for their own purposes. They are more interested in our spiritual essences than we are aware of our spiritual essences.
    Our energies stolen, parts of our souls stored for later placing into an alien created body form that may well not be human. Worse than death at their hands, is rebirth, again, at the hands of these creatures, as a very different endgame is unnaturally inherent after many alien abductee's physical death.
    People, after physical death, except for trapped ghosts, continue on to that other dimension that we all come from and should go to, a dimension we call, "Heaven ". As eternal and divine spirits we see Earth as a 'school', where we briefly reside, repeatedly, in a succession of many lifetimes to learn "lessons" that refine and hone our spirits towards God. But aliens interfere with the soul's transit.
    By technological magic, they collect and garner souls, spiritual electromagnetic life force energies, that retain identity and memory, to transfer them into soulless bodies, that they've created. This bypasses the God - natural recycling, planning of HEAVEN,_EARTH,_HEAVEN,_EARTH for our soul's designed evolution, but now with no angelic assistance and spirit helpers, in between lifetimes. Imagine struggling to awaken spiritually, again in another body, with imposed amnesia, but this time after time, no Heaven, between lifetimes. One's only spirit unseen guides and helpers are reptilians and greys who orchestrate joys and create horrors for you so that you're always their productive property for their energy 'milking'. And at our death, rather than return to our home, Heaven, we are again still their property, a means to an end, an inherent spiritual nightmare and clearly the Devil's work.  
    When ordinary humans see UFO craft in the skies above our cities they dully fail to evaluate the true purposes of the pilots within, and focus instead on the craft itself, as though some devious alien mind control trick were at play.
    Mankind is in a proverbial hall of mirrors with a quicksand floor when it comes to any clearer understanding of motives, in abductions.
    We are physical and spiritual sheep for shearing used by them in the way that remora and lamprey use denizens of the oceans. This may be the reason that we have the same unresolved issues lifetime, after lifetime, and evolve slowly. It seems a curse to continue, painfully, over and over and over just to make a little headway towards our spiritual goals.
    Those soul needs are acceptance, forgiveness, and love.
    But here in the flesh, those very spiritual feelings make it easier to become hosts of parasitism, as a source of energy, by intruding, night time bedroom harassers, negative thought beings who are the occupants of UFOs. These aliens stay with us from lifetime to lifetime; like the Dalai Lama, they find us again, in early childhood. Our spiritual powers that interest and addict them are the very powers we can use to thwart further attacks, but like spraying for cockroach infestation spiritual repulse must be effective, as well as be regular, in application.
    And we for the most part, as a race of entities, remain dully unaware of Heaven and rebirth and it’s amazing implications. A loving God gives us many lifetimes to refine, evolve our souls and we ordinarily choose the lessons, but joyriding grey reptilian aliens are discorporate, incarnate souls stuck to our energies, which bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion.
    To quote that same abductee:
    “we exist within a matrix of other realities all merging in one spot: the mind."
    Aliens and their craft exist. Hybrids are amongst us to replace us. (Unquote)  

    Read how to protect yourself by calling on the Powers that Be.

    Read also Spiritual Infection of the mind

    For Purchase
    Beyond Flesh and Blood: The Ultimate Guide To Angels and Demons

    Full credit to Paul Schroeder for this article. It must be told.


    An extract from the introduction on page three of EXO-VATICANA says the Universe is finite and there is a limit as to how small we can go. They then go on to say we discover that our physical reality is actually a virtual digital simulation! This entire Universe now appears to be a subset within the metacosm.

    "Time" is a fascinating subject, we talk about "Time" a great deal throughout the day, "Time" for this or "Time" for that, our life is controlled by something that has no substance. "Time" has no solid state, we can move along water because it has a solid state, we can fly because even though invisible to us the air we fly on has a solid state. But "Time" is different, you cannot touch it, you cannot grasp it, you cannot waft your hand through it, and the reason for that is "Time" does not exist, we, humankind invented "Time" to bring order to our existence so therefore before we invented it there was no "Time" everything would just be "Now". For "Time" to exist it must be observed, for anything to exist it has to be observed by a consciousness which is us.

     Someone said Past Present and Future are happening now all at the same instant think about this. On the other side of the Universe separated from us by millions of Light-years someone is doing the washing up, at that exact same moment I`m taking our dog for a walk. Even though we are separated by thousands of "life times" in distance, both actions of dish washing and walking the dog happen at the same moment, as would many more actions throughout the Universe. Dishes washed, dog walked, Sun`s explode, Asteroids fly by, worlds collide, and with no clock to organise and put events in order, everything happens at once. It’s only with the application of time do things become, should I say, difficult. We suddenly separate events with time and distance, I walked the dog December 20th 2013 at 2-30pm, my dishwasher friend washed the dishes a million years ago, take away time and everything happens in an instant.

    "Time" is a creation of humanity, it cannot exist in a separate state, for "Time" to have any substance, we need to be there to implement and observe it.

    Is time travel possible? My answer would be no! Because how can you travel through something that does not exist. Look at it this way, life is a sequence of events, whether I walk the street or sweep the floor or just sit and meditate, there are zillions of, let’s say, photo`s (atoms) making up every action of me just existing. I will put it this way, pour yourself a glass of lemonade, now watch the bubbles, when they reach the surface in the glass they pop, that pop would be my sixty plus years of existence, it would begin and end in an eternal "Now". I think I would be right in saying the whole of creation would begin and end in the same way. So if "Time Travel" does not exist how can I get from, let’s say this Wednesday to last Wednesday, it has to be through "Dimensions", no time can be involved, just! stepping through.

    If past present and future are happening at the same instant, then that means everything ever thought, said and made has been done, remember the lemonade bubble. That would be the Earth`s life, I suppose to the size of the Universe, Earth`s existence our history and our future would begin and end like a bubble popping in lemonade.

    Let’s think about a computer game, in that game is past present and future, the scene is set , you create an avatar and proceed to move it through events set out in the game. It’s as though you are the God and you command your avatar creation to move through an existence that has been created for it. Is this what we humans are , avatars, someone else`s plaything? We think we have free will, or are we still being played even with free will, is that it, does our creator set the scene, gives us a starting point, continually hints at the direction to go but to make the game less predictable introduces free will.

    I have always noticed that whatever we build we base it on our own bodies, if we build a car or a building we first create a skeleton of steel, then we apply the skin as in roof walls, windows (eyes) and doors (mouth ears etc) , and then we insert the organs to make the construction work . First the nervous system is installed ( the electrics) these are connected to such places as the Head Office (the brain) lights, computers (part of the nervous system) automatic doors etc. The layout of our country for example shows that it mirrors the construction and working of our bodies. The roads are blood vessels which transport life giving nourishment (food) through the country, our communication systems are our nerves that let you know what`s going on throughout the land, our cities are central nervous systems, and the capital city is the brain, go on any Google map and you will understand. The country works to survive as a whole, if things go wrong and there is an accident on a road (blood vessel) we send for the antibodies (police and ambulance) to clear the road (blood vessel) we duplicate our bodies without realizing it. So do we do the same when we create various video games, without realizing it, are we duplicating the construction of our creation? Are we indeed made up of pixels on a Universal Computer Screen, and do not forget we can pass to different areas of our X-BOX game by transporting electronically, through the flick of a switch, and hey-presto we are in another zone of the game, a sort of electronic dimensional travel, no "Time" involved, so is it the same for us.

    I have always felt our concept of "Time" was a hindrance to understanding the Universe and even to understanding paranormal events, consider animal mutilations, you can never put a time on your cats death, we say "Look what happened last night" or "It must have happened an hour ago" we are horrified and puzzled to find our cat cut into. We are at a loss to think who would do this and why. Now think of this, what do we do with the console games we create? We put things in to confound the player, to puzzle, to make him think, to make the game interesting. If indeed everything we create is based on our bodies, then surely if I create a mind game, which is any console game of your choice, then I am duplicating how my mind understands the Universe. Life may not exactly be a game but it may be laid out in a similar fashion. .

    So are most paranormal events "life game puzzles", I do not know, but I`m sure of one thing, we have to try to understand the Universe without using "Time", we have to start exploring the concept of stepping from one dimension to another, no "Time" involved. So are most paranormal events "life game puzzles", I do not know, but I`m sure of one thing, we have to try to understand the Universe without using "Time", we have to start exploring the concept of stepping from one dimension to another, no "Time" involved. "Time" keeps us prisoner, a new approach is needed, perhaps our mind and brain are the ultimate machine for jumping Dimensions. Take the game Skyrim, for example, one feels as though one has been out for the day, but, instead we have been right there in the game. So one day, just by using our minds, will we be able to enter other Dimensions for a short period, to become entities ourselves, to appear and disappear at will. We ultimately might find that the answers to paranormal events are within ourselves

    I have only just started reading EXO-VATICANA, it looks like a very interesting and thought provoking book with 557 pages of reading. Petrus Romanus is a good book in its own right if you are interested in Vatican history; the chapters I found more up my street so to speak were 16, 17, 18. It did give me an insight into the goings on in the Vatican, but to me EXO-VATICANA is far superior and more on my level.  
    The English Cognizant Citizen

    PART 1 Antichrist Exo vaticana UFO Aliens False Prophet end of days
    PART 2 Antichrist Exo vaticana UFO Aliens False Prophet end of days

    Mind Control Feeding Frenzy

    Image Credit

    I have read a lot of stuff that would make a good many people want to run and hide. I can understand why certain people are affected mentally by some of the information they read about Aliens and the end of the world. I think the trick is not to hang on to what you read, this being because so much has been predicted, and doomsday events planted in our minds then nothing happens and the days and years just roll on by. This is not to say something sometime or other will not happen, I think it will, but what it will be I have no idea.

    On the one hand you have the ultimate cataclysm to befall planet earth, and on the other you have Gordon Duff giving us information that they are preparing Africa for an Alien race! We are told they want to kill us off with viruses , why not let the cataclysm do it for them; not only that a virus could kill millions in days, that`s one hell of a lot of human flesh to tidy up, the outcome for such an act would be catastrophic even for the perpetrators of such events.

    All that I know is that the pieces of the puzzle are there on the table in front of us, so why can we not put it together, perhaps there are two puzzles on the table all mixed up; now that would really mess with your head especially if the colors were the same. That`s probably what we have; Aliens, Asteroids, Comets, Rough Planets, The Plans of the Elite, Catastrophic Earth Changes , All Manner of Paranormal Events and the color of the puzzle is Fear!

    Fear is an emotion and a control mechanism, Humanity is wakening up but a lot of people (if they viewed the subjects listed in the previous sentence) would turn away because they do not like the color. An example came from my son, he was trying to explain to a work colleague, a man in his early 50`s, that it looks like they have been using mini nuclear weapons in Syria. This gentleman would not hear of it, he said "They do not have mini nuclear weapons". This man would not even read the evidence that my son encouraged him to look at; he told my son he was mad to even think such devises were used.

    Sometimes I wonder if we are playing into the hands of that hidden controller, with our writings are we actually sorting the mystery out or just adding more pieces to the already same-colored puzzle, is that why we are encouraged to keep writing and theorizing on all manner of strange events, the more theories (pieces) on the floor the more the real picture of the puzzle stays hidden. Anyway who started all this? Who put it in my head that something was going on? I have always believed that life existed throughout the universe, but how did I get to this belief? My simple Alien fascination has gone in many ways, very political. Do I write and theorize because that is what I want to do or does the machine direct me write and theorize? When the phone rings do I pick up the receiver to see who is on the other end because I want to, or am I being told to?

    I have noticed that since the computer came into my life about eight years ago, I have looked up at the night sky less does this mean I have become a prisoner of the machine? I do not look for UFO`s in the sky anymore I look for them on the machine and I seriously think about the information it feeds to me. The Television calls me, the Phone calls me, the Parking Meter calls me, the Cash Machine calls me, the Ticket machine on the bus calls for my Bus Pass. There are cars that can now drive around town and you do not have to do a thing other than sit back and enjoy the scenery, how long before the Machine has no further use for us? Millions of people are becoming long term prisoners of the Machine. More and more technology is presented to the human race each day, will we one day become the computer and in turn will the computer become us.

    Perhaps we should take a couple of days off a week from our computers, perhaps I should make a greater effort to look at the night sky just to show the machine it does not control me completely.

    But the question is "Will it let me?.

    The English Cognizant Citizen