Are dogs with strange wounds the new phenomena?


At least 19-pets have suffered agonizing deaths within 2 to 5-days of contracting the disease. The stricken animals develop skin lesions, which look like "PUNCTURE WOUNDS" but then turn into sores. The dogs then become listless, go off their food and vomit.


The description of symptoms are :- Unexplained cuts, ulcers, bruising or blisters, usually on the leg, between the toes , or on the head. Vomiting, loss of appetite, mucus or blood, acting depressed, cold limbs, runny nose and signs of Kidney failure.This so called disease has cropped up in these areas :- CORNWAL,  SURREY, DEVON, NEW FOREST HAMPSHIRE,  WORCESTERSHIRE,  CHESHIRE,  YORKSHIRE, COUNTY DURHAM

There are hot spots from Cornwall right up to County Durham, as well as the 19-confirmed cases 17-dogs are suspected victims of the disease.

This next Sun extract is comments from a Vet :- Vet Fabio Procoli-- who`s team are probing the illness said;
“THIS IS A NEW DISEASE IN BRITAIN AND EUROPE. WE HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT. IT STRIKES ALL BREEDS AND AGES IT IS NOT REGIONAL IS NATION WIDE. What causes it is a mystery; we have found no evidence of virus, fungus, bacteria or toxins. There also appears to be no genetic reason for the disease. “
Well you might think me crazy but there is something not right about this, why domestic dogs? Are foxes succumbing to the phenomena as well? We have areas with large numbers of cats going missing or sliced in half, now we have dogs picking up a disease which starts as puncture wounds. I have to ask the following questions:  
(1) Has the cat killer phenomena mutated?
(2)  Is some agency testing a virus for unknown reasons?
(3)  Why dogs? How does a cat physiology differ from a dogs?
(4)  Is there a connection to mass animal die-off`s ?
(5)  Why did the vet say Europe? I have not heard of any cases in Europe? Unless that is still to come
(6)   Am I just a stupid conspiracy theorist?

Nothing is straight cut anymore, no longer do I listen to or trust officialdom in white coats and suits, I ask my own questions, we were told at the beginning the disease was "ALABAMA ROT"  now they do not know what it is.
The English Cognizant Citizen

The English Cognizant Citizen

Rosetta and Philae

I have known for a while now, thanks to Richard C Hoagland, if I have understood him correctly, that NASA indulges in the use of Egyptian Symbolism to hide from the public; the real reason for some of their space missions. 

That`s how it seems to me. Mr Hoagland has for over 40-years researched the possibility of a former Ancient-Solar-System-Wide High Tech Civilization. He has also undertaken extensive study of numbers and sacred mythology attached to celestial bodies, all of which you can find on his web site "Enterprise Mission" or listening to him being interviewed on various radio stations. 

The reason I`m writing this is because of Mr Hoagland’s encouragement for the wider public to look deeper into everything we are told by NASA or any other organisation or country involved in space travel. The other day I came across a report on the BT news site here in the UK that the European Space Agency had 10-years ago sent a craft across the asteroid belt in order for it to rendezvous with comet 67P/CHURYUMOV-GERASIMENKO. 

The craft consisted of the main vehicle called Rosetta which carried a lander named Philae this would be sent down to the comet to collect and analyse samples, while the main craft Rosetta kept pace; very interesting I thought . Next to improve my knowledge I give the craft’s names a little investigation, it was while doing this I stumbled on a piece of what could be numerical symbolism that was fascinating to say the least. I had vague knowledge of the name Rosetta but needed to be sure of its meaning so I thought Wikipedia would be a good place to improve on my knowledge. 

To cut a long story short, Rosetta was from the Rosetta Stone. This stone was inscribed with a decree issued in 196 BC. Now Philae is 2-small islands situated in the Nile just above the first cataract near Aswan, on Philae there was an obelisk, well the etchings on this obelisk and those on the Rosetta Stone helped archaeologists understand and read Egyptian Hieroglyphics. So as these 2-stones lead to a greater understanding, likewise it is hoped these spacecraft will result in a better understanding of comets and the early solar system hence the names given (as stated by Wikipedia). 

Now this is the interesting bit. Philae (the island) , as stated by Wikipedia, are 100 km or (62 miles) from Aswan. 

Next, the orbit of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko was known before Rosetta was launched to an accuracy of, again, 62-miles 

And then we are told that the craft arrived at the comet at a distance of, yet again, 62-miles. 

Is this a coincidence? Did they, because of the distance of the Philae isles from Aswan, incorporate the number 62 into their project to keep in line with the historical perspective, equally why was comet 67P`s orbit calculated to an accuracy of 62-miles before the launch of Rosetta ? 

What is it with the number 62? I cannot, as yet, find any reason or explanation why the number 62 was used. 

My curiosity got the better of me so I decided to e-mail Richard C. Hoagland, knowing how busy people like Mr Hoagland are, I was pleased to get a prompt reply, he confirmed that I had indeed discovered additional numerical symbolism connected to the project, and that he would soon be putting out on Enterprise Mission a full analysis of the mission. He also said that the Rosetta mission is filled with recurring Egyptian symbolism especially its choice of target comet,,he also said to expect more surprise`s concerning the true nature of Comet 67P. 

From this point on I will leave it to the experts, I keenly await Mr Hoagland analysis report where I hope the number 62 will be explained along with his other revelations about the mission.

The distance Philae was from Aswan, as stated on Wikipedia is 100 km (62-miles). Wikipedia also states that the measurement was made by Groskurd. Now my son informed me that he could not find any other reference to the 62-miles indicated, even, after 5-hours on the internet, he believes someone has changed something. 

Puzzled by what he had said I logged into Google Earth, using the "Ruler" icon I drew a line from where Aswan was to the area of Philae. No matter how much I tried, it did not show 62-miles; 62-miles was way past Philae or way into the desert. My son started to play with the numbers and this is what he came up with.

Distance indicated by Wikipedia of 100km (62 mile) between Philae ans Aswan is.... Wrong. So he subtracted 62 from 100 which left 38, he then compounded 38 which was (11). Then he added 100 and 62, which is 162, he then compounded this to (9). 

So we end up with the notorious numbers (9/11).

This, you might say, is just playing with numbers, it’s only when you think that they have scheduled Philae to land on comet 67/P on the 11th November 2014 that you start to scratch you head, the 11th day of the 11-month. On the day of Philae`s landing it will be Remembrance Day back here on Earth, which means most will be looking the other way 11:11:11.

I think the number 11 in the Bible means "Chaos". 

Is this just accidental or is someone working to ritual? 

They are saying that the 67/P as being a Contact Binary, in other words 2-comets have collided and stuck together. I also discovered that some of the images of comet 67P were put out on an internet site The Planetary Society, two guesses as to the date on the images yes you`ve got it, the 11th July 2014. why not the 9th or 10th or the 12th? Also on that site there was a time line of events as Rosetta made contact with comet 67P, at the bottom of the list was the time ESA (European Space Agency) would give a press briefing, yes again, it was listed to take place at 11 o’clock Universal Time or 4am local time. There`s no doubt they love the number 11, but why?

I just find it all strange.
The English Cognizant Citizen

Men in Black of Cats?

It seems we are on the right track about how to find out what has been happening to the multitudes of cats that go missing in hot spots around the globe. 

In the latest spate of "missing felines who seem to have gone astray without trace" a UK vet, Paul Thomas, director of Longridge Vets in Lancashire UK, advises owners to ensure their cats have a collar with ID and are chipped.

He then said it was possible to get a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking collar costing around £100.

Recently a local cat owner had contacted the police after her cat bolted back into her home and she noted a black car and two men acting suspiciously nearby. Members of the public have since been told to be on guard and report anything suspicious to the police.

Paul said: “The numbers seem extremely high – it’s not like they have been hit by cars or anything like that. It’s cats of all ages. There doesn’t seem to be any trail, they just vanish. 

Obtaining a GPS tracking collar for your cat is exactly what we have been advising cat owners to do. You can read about that here:

The Lancashire newspaper article can be read here:

There are many GPS tracking devices for pets available. It is best to talk to your local vet for his advice. Or visit and decide if this might suit your cat.

Missing Cat Cluster in Pennsylvania

Missing cats in localised clusters are happening in Pennsylvania USA.

More than 20 cats went missing in a nine-road section of Pine Ridge Estates in Bushkill between late July and mid-August, according to a resident who has been in contact with neighbours who reported their cats missing.

A resident who lost two cats within 14 days of each other said "As I continued searching, I realized other cats went missing during the same time frame mine did, I'm 49 years old and I've been taking in strays all my life. I've never lost any cats or had any run away. I'm heartbroken."

From my own experience these cats are totally gone, never to be seen again, a complete and utter disappearance. Almost as if they never existed in the first place. It is always the same; the large number of cats are not noticed until owners start looking for them and come up against other cat owners all searching for their missing cats within the same area. The real number of localised missing cats will probably never be known as not everyone reports a missing pet and that is not taking into account the number of strays.

This is happening in clusters all over the world. Take notice people. Something sinister is happening. STRANGE animal mutilations are everywhere, the bodies are piling up. The problem is becoming worse.

The truth won’t be hidden forever, one day we will know what is really happening. In the meantime cover yourselves and your pets with prayer – it certainly can’t hurt.

The full article can be read here:

The following story is real. It happened in 2005 Evansville Indiana USA. The at knew that something evil was about.
"I was watching television and I heard something outside on the porch deck. I thought maybe there was somebody outside. So I walked slowly over to the back door leading to the deck and checked to see if it was locked. It wasn’t so I locked it. I then sat on the couch to look out the row of windows to see if someone was on the deck outside and then I looked to see if somebody was in the yard behind our house. All of a sudden a beam of circular light appears 6 feet away from me onto the deck. It was about 1 foot in diameter. The beam was not like a flashlight or a dull porch light. It was bright white almost too bright I couldn’t even see the color of the deck anymore. I watched one of our cats run around one of the lights as if it was scared. Then another light appeared exactly the same as the first, the second beam of white light appeared about 3-4 feet from the first beam of light. They both were stationary, I just stared and I had no clue what these lights were, because I knew they were different than any lights I had ever seen. So I started looking up and the lights were coming from darkness in the sky right above the house. I knew what I was seeing was not possible or was very rare to ever happen, and then the thought of aliens and UFO popped in my head. I tried my best to study the beam of light and how it could be so perfect and straight. It was as if the light came from its source and then there was no trace of it leading to the circle itself but there it was a circular beam of white light. I watched the first light disappear, and after that I ran away from the windows. Now that I think about it I have a theory of what this possibly was. What if there was aliens visiting earth and the beams were there to pick them up to beam or materialize the aliens back to the ship. The cat was scared so maybe the cat sensed or saw the aliens they could have been invisible and beamed up to the UFO. Just like in Star Trek how the people would stand on the white circle to be beamed down to the surface of a planet."

Further Reading
Sinister Lights
Darkness and Beams of Light

Bermuda Triangle of Port William

Another missing cat cluster that has made the newspapers this time in Port William UK where the strange disappearance has been likened to the Bermuda Triangle of Port William.
"A total of six cats have now disappeared from this small village and nobody knows what's happened to them."  The owners are saying if their cat had been run over by a car they could accept it and move on. But it's the fact that they doesn't know what's happened to them that is the hardest thing to take. 
Everyone in Port William has been left puzzled by this mystery, and many strangers have offered a helping hand with the search to see if they can find any depth into the mystery because "obviously it's not just the one cat that's gone missing over the space of time."

As one searcher said "Talking to these people because of the trauma they've gone through because they've lost a member of their family. You know because that how they view it. And they keep hunting, they just keep hunting, and of course I'll do the same."

And as Enigma Earth has always said:
"What is the real number of cats that have simply disappeared? The ones mentioned above are just the few beloved members of a few families."

Read the original news article

Half Cat Puppet Mutilation

Springdale, Washington County, Utah, United States is the latest town to be visited by the half cat mutilation phenomena.
“I grabbed a towel and went down there ’cause I saw he wasn’t moving,” Teresa said. “I’m a wildlife biologist, it’s my profession, and I looked at him and I just thought ‘this is so odd, because he’s not eaten on.’ He was cut in half, heart and lungs were gone, and there wasn’t a drop of blood anywhere, and he was laid there with his front paws crossed over each other. I just kept looking at him and I just thought, ‘this is too strange.’”
“It was like he had been gently laid there,” she said. “He wasn’t thrown, he wasn’t in an odd angle – it’s like, if he was alive, he would have been sleeping.”
An autopsy report was said all of the cat’s organs had been removed except for the colon; there was no blood pool and no punctures on the remaining body. The owner said there was the possibility of DNA under his claws which had been broken in its effort to escape.


For those of you not familiar with the half cat mutilation phenomena please read these articles:

There is something non-human about these type of killings. Take into the account where one half of a cat turned up in a private rear courtyard. 

Then there was the owner who let her cat out and found it in 'puppet fashion' within the hour (link required).


The Devil Mark?

Take a look at this in The Sun! The Sun said online that they treated it light-heartedly. They did not! They gave all the scary facts. The only sign of the Suns daft humour was in the title "BOYELZEBUB". As you can see they have shown the boy’s face… nice one Sun, now he can be bullied and made fun of. They even give some history on the sign; some saying it resembles the mark of a hair dryer. Fine, but if that was so then it would have to be a branding, in other words the dryer would have to be pressed against his chest to burn him because it lasted for three weeks. 
"A sinister Satan sign that mysteriously appeared on a four-year-old boy is proving a devil to explain," the story starts, accompanied by a picture of Samuel Jones, and his stony-faced mother, Sharon.
"Shocked" Sharon reveals her horror that her young child has clearly been cursed by some evil spirit, rather than, perhaps, there being a more plausible explanation for the mark.
"Just looking at it made me shake thinking something unnatural had visited my boy," the mother said.
"Something or someone made the sign on him but we just can't explain how."
My question is why is this now? Why a front page position with the title "EXCLUSIVE"? Of all the slaughter now taking place in the world The Sun pushes a Devil story. Something smells here. Various factions of those murderous groups in the East have been sporting Devilish names, one in particular referred to himself as "Demon". They also use Egyptian names such as "ISIS", Egypt was mentioned in The Sun article stating the sign that appeared on the boy also appeared in Egyptian tombs paintings and carvings dating back to 15000 BC . 

Although the letters of ISIS now stands for something completely different, I find it strange that all these names are cropping up and being used in one context or another. We have been deceived by our media, mostly because people are too trusting of our news system. It is now all too easy to propagandize and manipulate the people through the press. This is all about keeping Fear alive for some agenda yet to be revealed. The internet is strewn with stories of the return of Satan.

There is something sinister happening.
The English Cognizant Citizen

The boys face has been disguised by us. The article can be read here:

Other people have since come forward with similar marks. 

Gillian, from Norfolk,  says they first appeared on her left arm on 21 December 2012, which she says is a key date for pagan rituals. A second mark appeared a year later and then another on her bum at Easter 2014. The woman says they lasted about six weeks before disappearing.

Gillian, the woman with the three marks says, "I didn't know what to make of them. I thought I'd slept on something that left an imprint but I checked my bed and there was nothing there. They didn't hurt. I don't see them as devilish. I'm a happy person, I'm not worried. I think I must be a bit special. I feel safe and think someone's looking after me."

Another woman, Kevina, from Yorkshire, had a circle with four triangles around it appear on her leg. She showed a vicar who told her to leave. The nuns, however, gave her holy water. Kevina said the mark turned silver and two days later went away. 

So what do you make of these symbols?

Contact us if you have anything to offer up!


Before it's News has released an article that says "The ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Appearing On People All Over The World". 
(a)"A woman watching television in bed feeling a slight burning sensation on the left side of the neck. It minimizes and thinks no more, it is only in the morning while looking in a mirror she notices a symbol in a circle on her skin. The layout resembles a burn, measurement 2 centimeters in diameter. This mark remained visible about two weeks, then disappeared."
(b) "Today my girlfriend pointed out to me that I had a mark on my chest right pectoral, a fine brand engraved in my skin almost to the blood. It is believed that this brand has come overnight, but when we searched the bed we found nothing. This is like a cat scratch but very clear!! And fine! It’s pretty impressive."
(c) "I’m 20 years old. This morning when I woke up I saw a rather strange mark on my right shoulder. It is circular shape similar to descriptions previously mentioned."
(d) "A mark appeared on my shoulder, it was my sister who noticed. I was in Nantes all day and it was very hot so I felt nothing. I find it really disturbing."
The original source of this information comes from a guy who has collected over 100 cases of the phenomena on his French Forum.

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